Emerging markets and due diligence challenges among the hot topics of the upcoming Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference in London

RE Crowdfunding: from “hype’’ to “here to stay”

 A caption from last year edition

A caption from last year edition

Since its appearance, RE crowdfunding helped financing more than 300 projects in the world, raising capital for over €165 mln. It proved to be a competitive source of capital, a democratizing force for the energy markets, and eventually an accelerator of the transition towards a greener economy. With improved policy frameworks in the making and cross-border opportunities opening up, this industry is expected to be the next “big thing” among financial circles. 

Solarplaza, leading conference organizer for the solar PV industry, strongly believes in crowdfunding as a valid “route to market”, able to unlock significant new capital for renewable energy projects, in developed and emerging markets worldwide.

The 2nd edition of the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference will be a unique opportunity to connect and network with 150+ investors, financiers, project developers and crowdfunding platforms from 20+ countries in the world. The 15+ international speakers will share both their expertise and their inspiring views on crowdfunding, with experts such as Julia Groves (UK Crowdfunding Network), Bruce Davis (Abundance Generation), Kelly Angood (Indiegogo) representing the platforms’ world, and specialists such as Lars Kroijer (Allied Crowds), Mark Henderson (Temporis Capital) and Peter Howitt (Ramparts) providing investment, consulting, and legal insights. 
The hot topics of this year edition will include legal framework and due diligence issues, renewable energy crowdfunding in emerging markets and, of course, many case studies focusing on lessons learnt from the key players of the industry.
Thanks to the valuable network of supporting partners and crowdfunding associations (Financement Participatief France, UKSIF, German Crowdfunding Network, Allied Crowds, CrowdFundRES and many more) the Conference will be the perfect place to meet all the world’s most active stakeholders in the crowdfunding sector.

Event takes place on 5 November 2015 in London and is filling up quickly: register today.

  • For more information contact the Project Manager, Danai Giannopoulou on +31 10 280 9198 or via email at danai@solarplaza.com