All the crowdfunding platforms mentioned below will be among the attendees of the 2015 edition of the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference, in London. Make sure to book your ticket today


1. Ecoligo

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Launch (exp): 2016, Q2
  • Speaker at the conference: Martin Baart (co-founder)

Ecoligo’s core focus are solar PV self-consumption projects for commercial and industrial consumers. Initially Ecoligo will focus on East Africa, looking at amazing countries such as Tanzania and Kenya. What makes Ecoligo unique is that the solar PV plants will be owned and operated by the business, ensuring long lifetime and reducing the risk towards the crowd. Ecoligo will offer Triple Bottom Line investments that combine financial return with environmental benefits and sustainable economic development.


2. Ecomill

Location: Milan, Italy

Launch (exp): 2016, Q1

Ecomill will be focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency on equity and community projects in Italy. It  is the first equity crowdfunding platform in Italy focused on energy. Authorized by Consob (Italian Financial Authority) and developed in collaboration with the first (founded in 2005) and largest Italian reward crowdfunding platform (Produzioni dal Basso). For the payment procedure it is the only Italian equity platform working with Banca Etica, the first Italian ethical bank. As such, Ecomill belongs and moves within the Italian ecosystem of alternative finance and shared ownership approaches in the energy sector.


3. Fundera

Location: Milan, Italy

Launch (exp):  1st December 2015

Fundera will facilitate cleantech and sustainability startups and renewable energy generation projects, with a focus on the Italian market. Fundera’s founders are professionals with a significant experience in the sector and an have access to an extended network of entrepreneurs, investors, manufacturers, innovators in the cleantech sector. As Fundera’s founder Fulvio Mariani stated: “‘The cleantech revolution has just started and needs new fundraising tools to boost its growth. Crowdfunding is just a perfect fit as it brings an immense audience to innovative and sustainable projects which is what people are looking for.”


4. Joukon Voima

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland
  • Launch (exp): 2015, Q4
  • Speaker at the conference: Jukka Kajan (co-founder & CEO)

Joukon Voima takes a wide approach to crowdfunding green energy solutions. In addition to renewable energy production, the Finnish platform will also fund sustainable consumption of energy. Their project portfolio will offer projects for funding in electric transportation, renewable energy production, intelligent lighting and smart grid solutions among others. Joukon Voima will begin its operations in the autumn of 2015 with a campaign boosting electric vehicle infrastructure. Starting its operations in the Finnish market the company targets to cross borders in the near to midterm future.



  • Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Launch (exp): 2015, Q4 (pilot project) & 2016, Q1 (independent platform)
  • Speaker at the conference: Andreas Lehner (co-founder & COO)

TRINE’s goal is to eliminate energy poverty through financing viable solar projects in emerging countries, such as East Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America. 1.3 billion people live in energy poverty today, access to this basic resource will result in improvements to health, education, safety and will benefit the environment. The platform will use crowdinvesting to facilitate investments in profitable social-impact, solar energy projects whilst offering returns to investors. Their model will create scalable change faster than traditional not-for-profit donations, and is legally replicable across the whole of Europe, with initial focus on the Nordics. 



Not  a platform, but a unique project - a European aggregator for citizen investment in renewable energy projects.

  • Location: EU-wide (14 partners from 10 different EU countries)
  • Launch (exp): November 2015
  • Speaker at the conference: Nuno Brito Jorge (founder)

Citizenergy is an EU-wide platform that brings together RE crowdfunding platforms and RES Cooperatives, promoting citizen engagement in renewable energy projects. Our objective is to motivate people to directly engage in renewable energy projects and to help crowdfunding platforms and RES cooperatives fund there projects more quickly. Citizens will be able to select, from a range of projects from all over Europe that are open to participation, the ones that fit their interest in a better way (location, technology, profitability, etc) and use that to help create a better planet.


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