SAB, a subsidiary of the Amsterdam based renewable energy firm Sunrock Investments, offers the first solar bond on the independent crowdfunding platform In its short history, the platform has raised over €1.4 million for three different wind parks.

The platform this week launched a solar bond, issued by SAB. The bond offers Dutch retail investors the opportunity to invest directly into an operational solar project with a fixed annual coupon of 6% and a term of five years. Bonds carry a nominal value of €1.000,- and provide an attractive alternative on bank saving accounts for Dutch retail investors.

The project is a 500 kWp solar project, located on the rooftops of a large fruit farm in Flanders, Belgium and has been operational for five years this December. The project was built using sustainable and high-quality components, contributing to a performance that has been well over budget over the last years. Almost all electricity produced by the project is consumed locally by the cold storage rooms of the fruit grower and thereby contributes to the green energy transition.

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