London, 22 October 2014 - Four of the world’s top renewable energy crowdfunding platforms have confirmed their place at Solarplaza’s Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference at Dexter House, London on 30th October 2014.

Mosaic, Trillion Fund, Triodos, and Windcentrale are expected to draw crowds of up to 300 paying delegates at what is being billed as the world’s largest conference of its kind.

The crowdfunding platforms will be addressing various topics relating to alternative funding methods for renewable energy projects, including a debate on whether crowdfunding is just hype or whether it’s here to stay.

Paul van der Linden, Vice President of Solarplaza, stated the importance of the event: “We’re aiming to secure around 300 delegates and already have attendees from more than 20 different countries, including Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the US. Over 45% of those attending are at CEO level, illustrating the significance of why businesses are turning to alternative sources of investment to fund renewable energy projects across the globe."

Crowdfunding has become a great investment opportunity. Large renewable energy infrastructure projects used to be the preserve of sizeable institutional investors. Times have changed. You can now invest as little as £5, making this form of investment far more accessible to the general public. 

The popularity of crowdfunding within the renewable energy sector has grown significantly in recent years.

Only last month, Powervault, a UK-based renewables start-up company, set a crowdfunding world record by raising its £150,000 investment target in under eight hours of launching on Crowdcube.

Meanwhile, Triodos Renewables Plc also announced this month a partnership with Trillion Fund to raise £5m to build power plants in the UK.

With the UK crowdfunding market hitting £2 billion at the beginning of October, crowdfunding is earning a reputation as a reliable and alternative method of raising capital for renewable energy projects worldwide.

Paul van der Linden continued: “Crowdfunding has the potential to dramatically increase the scale of renewable energy projects in an economic environment where mainstream banks are often reluctant to invest. Companies are starting to see its true potential, benefiting financially, whilst also helping contribute to a more sustainable future."

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